• May/10/2019

    Walking the most beautiful valley of Japan "Shosenkyo"① ~ Strange stones part 1 ~

  • May/10/2019

    Fresh Green Spring Leaves at Shosenkyo Gorge

  • April/25/2019

    Kofu City Takeda Clan History Museum ~ Shingen Museum ~

  • April/24/2019

    The Yamanashi Prefecture Science Center

  • April/17/2019

    Golden Sakura

  • April/17/2019

    The flower of pink is in season from the middle to the end of May!

  • April/16/2019

    Kanazakura Shrine's points of interest!

  • April/16/2019

    Best time to see Hydrangea is in June(rainy season)!

  • March/07/2019

    Flowers coloring Kofu City ~ Plum & Wisteria ~

  • March/06/2019

    Kofu Yamanote Seven Deities of Good Fortune Tour