After Takeda Shingen’s downfall, Maizuru Castle (also known as Kofu Castle) was constructed by Toyotomi Hideoyoshi, who famously unified Japan. Today, Maizuru Castle Park comprises one section of the ruined castle.
The castle was initially built as an important strategic base to counter the forces of Ieyasu Tokugawa in the Kanto region. However, even after the Tokugawa regime became established, the castle continued to be used as an important defensive stronghold.
Nowadays, Maizuru Castle is popular tourist attraction, standing as a symbol of Kofu City. With its gates and turrets restored, and the original stone wall still standing from the time it was built, many parts of the castle are worth seeing on their own merit.
Additionally, from the turret overlooking the vast Kofu land basin, Mt. Fuji can even be seen in the distance! In springtime, around 160 cherry trees blossom in the park, making it an especially popular location for ‘hanami’ – ‘cherry blossom viewing’.

Business hoursUsually open at all times

AddressKofu City, Marunouchi -1 Cho-me

AccessAbout a 10 minute walk from JR Kofu station. There is a car park available for disabled visitors coming by bus or car. ※Please contact in advance if it is required

ContactMaizuru Castle Park Administrative Office 055-227-6179

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