Just a minute’s walk from Kofu station, the streets of Kofu castle town are lined with buildings re-constructed in the styles of different eras, giving the overall townscape a quaint ambience and feel of the past.
The main street, ‘Koshu Yume Kouji’, is Kofu’s most popular tourist spot – the entire street having been reproduced in the styles of the Meiji, Taisho and early Showa eras.
From the moment visitors step into the street, they find themselves immersed in the town’s peaceful ambience, enriched by its rows of charming shops selling accessories and quirky souvenirs. The nearby restaurant is also a perfect place for visitors to relax and have a short break from their sightseeing activities.
Among all the reproduced old-style buildings, perhaps the most worthy of note is the bell-tower – ‘Toki no Kane’. In past eras, the bell would have been rung at set intervals to inform locals of the time – back in the days when people’s daily lives adhered to strict routines based on the hour. The current bell-tower is built as a faithful reproduction of the original. The current bell can still be rung, and is even prettily illuminated after dark.
With something different to experience with each visit, Kofu city is a pleasant & memorable day-trip for all the family.

Business hoursVaries from shop to shop

AddressKofu City, Marunouchi -1 – 25

AccessAbout a minute’s walk from JR Kofu station (North Gate)

ContactKofu City Department of Tourism 055-237-5702

Kofu City Tourist Infourmation