ぶどう4In Yamanashi prefecture, many kinds of fruits are cultivated, and the fresh tastes are highly recognized both within and outside Japan. “Grape” is one of the typical fruit of special products from Kofu city. Kofu basin shown a wide range in temperature in the day and night grow juicy sweet delicious fruits. The season of grape is from summer to autumn. It is popular to pick the grapes as a tourist attraction. There’re various grapes such as Kyoho, muscat, Koshu, so that you can enjoy several tastes. Easy access to the grape vineyard in Kofu city from JR Kofu station, about 10minutes by car, you also have fine view of Mt.Fuji. Don’t miss delicious grapes in Kofu!

・Kofu city tourist association  055-226-6550
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・Kofu city tourist association
・Kofu city tourism section