If you venture out to the east side of Takeda shrine on a walk or on your way to Ryuga lake any other time of the year, you might unknowingly pass by a quite ordinary-looking pond and think nothing of it; but when July rolls around, this former castle moat goes through quite the makeover as beautiful sacred lotuses take over the water and paint its surface a vivid green, white and pink.
Lotus flowers are unique in that they open their petals with the rising of the.sun, and start slowly closing back up after 9 in the morning in a repeating cycle. During the hot and gloomy rainy season, there is something to be said about taking an early morning walk through the quiet grounds of the shrine and stopping to watch the raindrops collect on the large lotus leaves. The flowers can be seen until the end of July!

The current pandemic sadly makes it difficult to travel, but Kofu awaits next year.

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