May is the fresh green Spring leaves’ season in Shosenkyo every year.
Blue sky, green trees, fresh air and a clear river will heal many visitors.
And a rocky mountain gives you a great impression.
Not only Autumn but also the fresh green Spring season of Shosenkyo is very attractive and refreshing.
It is good to walk slowly along the valley after parking your car or to watch 30 meters height of the Senga-taki water fall.

If you take the gondola to the panorama platform, you can enjoy the scenery of leaves and trees spreading out. If the weather is good, you can see Mt. Fuji beyond the green trees.

In the Shosenkyo, there is not only nature, but also shops and souvenir shops where you can eat the Koshu specialty Hoto noodle and Mitake soba noodle, as well as the historic Kanazakura Shrine where the first domestic quartz polishing place is. You will spend all day there without getting bored.
Please come and enjoy the fresh greenery at Shosenkyo.

About 30 minutes by car from JR Kofu Station (about 50 minutes by bus) / about 90 minutes by car from Fujisan Station (Fujikyuko Line)