Mitake Shosenkyo is a valley located in the northern part of Kofu City and is also designated as a special scenic spot for the country. The boardwalk is along the river for about 4 km from Nagatorobashi (bridge) at the entrance of the valley to Sengataki (water fall) declining about 30 m. From the boardwalk, you can see the cliffs of the granite eroded off over a long period of time and the clear water river close by. You can enjoy the beautiful valley during each season, and the various strange forms of rocks and stones. Each of these strange rocks and stones are uniquely named after their appearance. (In order from the Nagatorobashi (bridge) to upstream) ① “Kame Stone”: a tortoise playing in the clear stream of Arakawa, living for thousands of years ② “Ottosei Stone”: a fur seal bathes in cold water and thinks of his home ③ “Taiho Rock “: a cannon from Meiji era as if it makes loud sounds ④ “Tofu Rock”: a big tofu that you may want to eat cold ⑤ “Saru Rock”: a monkey always watching the valley from the rocks ⑥ “Rakuda Stone”: a camel comes from a distant country and drinking beautiful water of the valley ⑦ “Fuji Stone”: Mt. Fuji covered with the snow ⑧ “Kuma Stone”: a big bear’s big bottom climbing the stone While hiking in Japan’s top beautiful valley, you may find all the strange rocks and stones.