The Yamanashi Prefecture Science Center (Yamanashi-kenritsu Kagaku-kan) is one of the few places in the area that offers a full view of Kofu from atop the mountains that is in close proximity to the peak. Surrounded by the abundance of greenery and nature, whether it’s athletic activities or just having plain old fun, one can enjoy a variety of games here. From the view terrace, Mt. Fuji can be clearly seen during a sunny day from where one is standing, while down below would the view of the Kofu area which makes this spot a favorable place to take in all the wonderful views. As for what’s inside the science center building, lots of items are up for trial in the “Exhibition Room”, while one can watch the stars in a futuristic planetarium dome that spans around 20m in terms of diameter, in “The Space Theatre”. Challenge and experiment with science in the “Experiment and Craft Room” or have the kids play in the “Playroom” while you observe the sun and the length of the night period in the the “Astronomical Observation Room”. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, they got it all right here for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Aside from all the fun stuff, the science center’s original goods, as well as science-related items and souvenirs are all lined up in the “Museum Shop”, while those who are not planning on entering the main building can have a meal at the “Restaurant Science Shop”. Perhaps it’s time to take the family out on a mysterious journey of science – we guarantee absolute fun and satisfaction!
This article is reprinted from JAPAN TIMELINE