In Japan, there are sakura blossoms that are said to “turn trees into gold”. The Kinzakura (Golden Sakura) Shrine is known as the birth place of cystal and a power spot to give visitors luck with money. The shrine’s sacred tree is an “ukon” (golden) tree. Golden sakura sprout from this “tree of gold”- a rare tree that blossoms with pale golden buds , unlike the classic light pink colour associated with cherry blossoms. When in full bloom, the golden sakura are doused in balmey sunlight and give off a pale golden glow, It’s believed that when you pray to the golden sakura and wear a crystal charm, you’ll be blessed with life long financial fortune and protect yourself from danger. Every year after the prime viewing season is over, a “sakura festival” is held at the end of April, and a light show is held from sunset until dawn. The combination of the tasteful premises and glowing golden sakura give the shrine an air of mystery. It’s truly a one in a life time experience.