The secluded Itajiki gorge, located just beyond Arakawa dam at the further end of Shosenkyo, is blessed with many beautiful waterfalls of all sizes.
It’s a great place to take an easy, scenic stroll.
As you descend the steps leading to the stream, you can feel the distinct cool breeze of the gorge.
The first waterfall you see under the bridge is Shiragataki, about 10m (30ft) in height.
Continue along the idyllic stream of the quaint valley for about 15 minutes, a magnificent 30m (nearly 100ft) tall “”O-taki”” (grand waterfall) will greet you.
You can easily drive up to the entrance of Itajiki gorge, where you can leave your car at the parking space. There is also Yaendani gorge, easily accessible on foot, another beautiful place for a stroll.

The walking trails in the area are very well maintained, however there are some slippery spots, therefore proper footwear fit for light trekking is highly recommended.