The Arakawa Dam lies up stream from the Arakawa River that runs North to South through Kofu City. The clear water that runs through the river highlights the beauty of the Shosenkyo Mountain Range, has been nominated as one of the most famous water sources of modern time. Near the dam situated deep within the mountain range is the “Shosenkyo Mountain Water Source Forest,” which has also been chosen as one of the top 100 forest water-sources in Japan. The beautiful dam river and surrounding forest is a must see. The nature here is beautiful no matter what time of year- the surrounding mountains reflect off of the pristine lake, and the change from the deep green leaves of summer to the bright red maple leaves of fall is almost poetic in its natural beauty. Upriver to the right side of the dam is a “multipurpose area” with a 180 degree view from the dam itself to the Arakawa Bridge deep within the dam. The parking lot has two large parking spaces for busses and 10 normal parking spaces with an information booth to learn about the dam and the surrounding area, a viewing area and four Azumaya, so you can take your time and rest between exploration.