◆◇Limited time only! Open only during the season of cherry blossoms.◇◆
Sakura, or cherry blossoms, is undoubtedly the symbol of Japanese spring.
The cherry trees usually blossom between late March and early April. Some throw a big party under the tree, others take a nonchalant stroll, styles may vary but everyone gathers around to admire the amazing beauty of sakura in full blossom. There are many places to enjoy the pale pink splendor in and around Kofu-city.
Chuku Water Distribution Plant is one of the best spot to do so. It is about 20min. walk from Kofu station.
The plant is usually closed to the public, but it opens its door when their cherry trees start to blossom for the sakura admirers. Admission is free, a surprise spot for a perfect sakura watching.
There are 70 massive trees on the premises, which were planted when the plant opened. You will also find beautiful structures from the last century, which adds a nostalgic feel.
The plant is located on an elevated area, you can also enjoy the view of the entire Kofu valley, and on a clear day Mt. Fuji and the Japan Alps can be seen. The scenic beauty combined with the beautiful sakura, which is sure to bring a photographer in you.
Enjoy the nostalgic feel of the entire plant, which has stood for over 100 years, surrounded by the beauty of sakura.

Sakura season is from late March to early April: and stay alert, the season doesn’t last long!