★☆Splendid night view of a basin at Kofu city☆★
Night views of Kofu basin compares with “Brightness like jewelry box turned over.” You can see opening views at the hill from urban in Kofu surrounded mountains. Unlike a night view of a city with high buildings, beauty of the night view below is superb. On a day with good conditions including weather and time, you can see both the night view and Mt. Fuji together. Why don’t you take a picture of the precious moment?

☆Recommended spot☆
【Hakusan mountain】
From south lakeside of Chiyoda lake about 10 minutes’ walk. You can enjoy a big scale of night view against Mt. Fuji.
※Do not climb a rocky stretch, very dangerous because of a cliff next to it.
【Wada gap (lookout plaza)】
From Kofu station about 20 minutes by car. A lookout plaza at Wada gap from Kofu station to Chiyoda Lake.
【Mt. Atago Kodomonokuni】
From Kofu station about 10 minutes by car. Enjoy open night view without fence, close to the night scene.
【Takeda shrine lookout stand】
From Kofu station about 30 minutes by car. In spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and night view at the same time.