Kakuembo – striking formation of rocks, symbol of Shosenkyo Gorge.
Beauty of Shosenkyo Valley is famous and considered one of the best in Japan. At the peak of the valley stands a striking formation of huge rock protruding from surrounding woods. Kakuembo is named after a monk named Kakuen, who conducted his training at the tiny space available at the top of the rock. Granite mass of 180m (550ft) tall has been sculpted naturally, by passing of the time, winds, change of the climates etc., it immediately draws your attention when you reach the valley.

Mitake Shosenkyo, which is officially included among the best scenic spots of Japan, is famous for the autumn leaves and their stunning color. Apart from the famed Kakuembo, there are many curious formations of rocks along the valley, making Shosenkyo an ideal spot to admire the autumn spectable. Book a trip around late October – mid November.