◆◇ A hidden energy vortex where you can see giant golden carps ◇◆
There is an energy vortex spot called “Golden Pond” on the way to the platform in “Shosenkyo Ropeway” located in Shosenkyo called the most beautiful gorge of Japan.

This pond has always been there since they started the ropeway, and more than 30 large carps had been living there and keep their eyes on the ropeway.
However, in February 2013, Kofu City suffered a heavy snowfall in 120 years, and the carps in the pond all died.
After this incident, “golden carps” which is a symbol of good luck were released in the pond, and the pond was reborn as “golden pond” and became a popular spot where the visitors become happy. Watching many bright golden carps swimming in the pond makes people happy because of their power.

In addition, there is a panoramic lookout on the top of the Shosenkyo Ropeway where you can see Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps.
You will enjoy the spectacular view, which can be seen only after going up the ropeway.