Since its opening in 1978, the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, better known as the “Millet Museum of Art” is located in a park with a lot of greens.
The park is based on a Japanese garden, and various plants such as cherry, irises, roses, ginkgo are planted in the park. Cherry blossoms in spring, and around 1200 flowers of the iris early summer, and about 800 roses will bloom the entire park. During autumn, when the sun shines upon the yellow ginkgo trees that itself is just a piece of art. In addition, there is also a sculpture of a 3 meters in diameter “Big Apple” produced by Masaaki Sato and it is also a great shooting spot against Mt. Fuji in the background.
Furthermore, we not only have over 70 Millet’s work such as ” The Sower “, ” The Gleaners “, we also introduce a lot of works related to Yamanashi prefecture during different seasons.
We have a lot of kind guides in the hall, so a lot of people from inside and outside the prefecture come over and over again.
Please relax and enjoy your time in the museum.

This article is reprinted from JAPAN TIMELINE