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 Yumura hot spring is located in pretty easy access place where only take about 90 minutes either train or bus from Tokyo area and if you take JR Chuo line from Shinjuku station, you don’t even have to transfer. You can also easy to reach here from the airport and in the city there is public buses running which help you travel there.
Let me talk about their folk story a little bit, about 1200 years ago a famous monk called Koboh Taishi visited this place and he helped people moving a huge rock on the road by knocking it with his stick while he chanted sutra. After moving the rock there was a hot spring coming up from its ground. Also there is another story that giant eagle came to this place and somehow hot water came up from its ground where the eagle landed.
Not only their folk stories but also they are famous for Japan’s legendary Samurai called “Takeda Shingen”‘s favorite hot spring. At that time, since this place was both an army base and refreshment place, there are a mountain castle and place for signal fire.
In Edo period(about 200 – 400 years ago), one of an art work of a famous painter Katsushika Hokusai drew this place and in more modern times, many great writers loved this place so much.
As it time passes, this city got a little modern than it used be but still you can taste their good old time from back then.
One more best things about this place is you can choose both traditional great Japanese style hotel or modern resort style hotel on your visit.
Even if you are not planning to stay a night here, don’t worry.They also got one-day trip spa plan as well.[/caption]