Shousenkyo Ropeway carries you to Panoramadai Station at the height of 1058m of Saburoutake for about 5minutes.
The first gondola of Shousenkyo Ropeway was named “Fuku-chan”, the second one was named “Yume-chan” with intimacy of Fukusennin who is the guardian god of the top of Shousenkyo.
On this ropeway, you can enjoy skywalk, watching beautiful scenery of each season such as red and yellow leaves of autumn, romantic snowscape in winter, rose bay and cherry blossoms in spring, and fresh verdure in Summer.
From Panoramadai Station at the summit of Shousenkyo, you can look over view of Japanese proud of high mountains such as Mt. Fuji, and then ‘Kitadake’, ‘Ainodake’, mountain ranges of ‘South Alps’ and ‘Okuchichibu’. It is also popular as a treasure power spot.

What is more, it takes only about 10 minutes from Panoramadai Station to ‘Yasaburotake’ where a full 360 of scenery, including Mt. fuji, the Kofu Basin, Mt. Shirasuna, South Alps, Mt. Kinou, and Arakawa Dam is spread, and you can also enjoy a little climbing there.
Uguisu Valley, which is 5 minutes by food from Panoramadai Station, was named after the song of bush warblers in flight can be heard in winter there.
With surrounding of fantastically-shaped rocks, special stones, and covering of old pines, the scenery of the nature heal your mind